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Lost Class Ring Returned After 70 Years!

Lycka June 1, 2015

On April 27th, I was searching an older farm house in my area. I found a small, gold, girls class ring, with the date of 1946 on it. It was from a small town about 15 miles from where I live. Upon examining it further I found it had the initials K.M. inscribed on the inside of the band. I called the high school from that town, and they informed me that there was only one girl in that graduating class with those initials. With a couple of hours of research, I was able to track this woman down. As it turned out, she was actually the mother of a friend of mine. She told me her and her boyfriend had exchanged rings, and that he had lost her ring before her senior year. The ring had been buried for 70 years! She was absolutely stunned and ecstatic to get it returned to her. Better yet, she told me she had a class reunion coming up in a couple of weeks. Now she will have a great story to tell her classmates! It was such an indescribable pleasure to give it back to her. I felt great all week about it. The White's MXT Pro made it all possible.

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