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Mom’s Lost Ring

Lewis February 25, 2016

My mother lost a ring outside one winter about 7 years ago while pulling off her gloves. It was a really special ring because it was one of the last ones my father gifted her before he had passed away a couple years before. She swore it flew off into the neighbors yard. She told me she still had my fathers metal detector he bought in Manassas Virginia, a White's 4900D/Pro Plus and was welcome to have it and try to search for the ring too. After the third trip down to virginia and searching all around where she thought it was, I was heading back to the house and I swung the detector over the gravel area near the road and mailboxes, and got a small repeatable signal. Thinking it was another pull tab of foil, I scratched some gravel away and saw the sparkle, it was barely scratched and all diamonds intact. I had a smile a mile wide, that was the greatest feeling handing that back to her. Now when I use his detector I like to think my dad is detecting with me and guiding me to the good stuff.

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