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MX Sport finds Lost Class Ring, returned after 8 years lost

Jason Darby January 13, 2017

Jan 3, 2017
Ring Returned…One very happy man has been reunited with the class ring he lost 8 years ago while coaching football practice at a local park.
On January 2, 2017 I decided to get out and dig with my MX Sport at a local park, and recovered a ring I shared with a few groups on Facebook. When I returned home that night, I started the process of locating the owner of the ring. I had little luck that night searching Facebook and frustration set in.
The next morning while waiting at an appointment I decided to look for the owner again by googling his high school graduation class. Found him!!! I immediately searched on FB for him and sent a message. I told him I had found something he may have lost and he replied back – Did you find my class ring at the park? I said yes I did, and we set up a time to return the ring that night.
The pictures speak for themselves, but the emotion and excitement this man felt was all I needed to see. I felt as if I connected a man and something very personal to him back together, He lost the ring while coaching. He had on basketball shorts and had taken his ring off and put it into the same pocket as his whistle. He had taken the whistle out and well, the ring too. He said they searched for it forever and never found it. He gave me almost the exact location he thought he lost it at and I told him it was about 20 feet from where he described.
He thanked me about 20 times, fist bumped and shook my hand about another dozen times, and said he almost cried when I handed it to him. He asked if he could hug me, and all I could say was “Bring it in”.
I have returned many lost items over the years, but its moments like this I live for. I made a friend, talked about detecting for a bit and was invited to dig his property with him that weekend. I could have lived that moment for hours, and guys let me tell you this, If you don’t dig to recover history and for the satisfaction of times like this, then you don’t understand what this hobby is all about.

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