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MX Sport first outing makes a bunch of people happy

Tim Stephens September 10, 2018

If you think finding a ring feels good, return one to it’s owner and see how great that feels. I received my brand new MX Sport in the mail Yesterday and took it out this evening for it’s very first time. I was only able to detect for a couple hours but had some great finds. It felt so good to get out into the water. I found 2 rings, an ear ring and a cute pendant that appeared to be a caged diamond (fake diamond) as well as $1.63 in coins. I got home and started cleaning the rings and found an inscription in the large tungsten ring. I posted the names on a facebook buy/sell/trade group asking “if anybody knew a couple with those names, I had found something of theirs I would like to return”. About 10 minutes later I get a response, Someone had tagged a woman in my post and she claimed her daughter and her FiancĂ© were the people I was looking for. She had her daughter describe the ring and tell me exactly what was inscribed inside and out, It was in fact her ring because she knew exactly what was inscribed and where.
She was so excited she asked if I could return the ring tonight and I was happy to do so (even after 10:30 PM).
We met up at Walmart and she told me the significance of the date and how she had cried her eyes out when her Fiance lost the ring 2 months ago. They had gone to the lake for his final outing before going off to Boot Camp the following day. It turns out it is a promise ring, they will marry when his basic training and specialty schools are done. The date inside was the date they officially became a couple. She has the match to it and showed it to me when we met. I got a hug for returning it which is all the payment I would ever ask for. She is happy, Her family is happy and I am happy for the experience. I feel like I’m walking on cloud 9 tonight.

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