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Mx Sport Summer finds

Lewis Cobb September 10, 2018

I purchased the MX Sport this spring after many weeks of research, trying to find a good waterproof detector. There are many waterproof detectors as tou know and i have used several. I was wanting a light, durable, water/land detector. I have had the sport about 4 months and i had a DFX so I was familiar with Whites technology.
It took several weeks to understand the MX Sport in the field. I expected this and was not too concerned. After getting to know the machine and letting it work for me.I was able to go back to an old sport where I have used a different brand of waterproof dector and recovered several relics that i had missed. This has been my best
summer so far and the MX Sport has been a valuable tool and has paid for itself. I just wanted to thank the Whites dealer Mr. Dwight James at Coldwater Seed and Supply Co. In Tuscumbia AL for you wonderful service and expertise. My headphones malfunctioned and they were replaced with no questions asked.

I have found: 1899 Barber dime, 1784 Spanish 2 Reale, base to a parrot artillery shell, 6lb solid shot cannon ball, 6lb borman fuse cannon ball, a bayonet, top section of parrot artillery shell, a stirrup, Confederate Mullane artillery shell, butt plate to enfield musket, 3 musket barrels that includes a rare m1819 Halls rifle barrel, and 2 complete muskets. All were found in the water with the MX sport.

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