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MX Sport VS Local Park

Darwin Hartman June 5, 2017

After Memorial Day weekend I decided to take the Mx for a stroll in a local park with my new U13″ coil. the weather was wet and raining so it was not a fit day for my other detectors…The sport has always been my go to detector in the wet weather. I set the detector on all metal mode ground balanced and headed through the park. I pulled some clad to include a half dollar which rang out very well. after about an hour I hit a necklace that was a good return the next day to a house next to the park. just after the necklace I hit a solid 47 on the vdi….I was thinking pull tab or junk but decided to dig. Low and behold it was a gold and diamond ring at 6″ man my hart was pumping like a race horse…here is the pick…took it to Fred Meyers they stated it was real and it was worth around $800 that would pay off the detector in one shot if I could get it of the wife’s finger….

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