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MXT finds 1909-S VDB Penny

Mark October 1, 2009

Dear White’s Electronics, I took the morning off from the job hunt and went coin shooting instead. I returned to the second oldest park in Boise that has always produced. About two hours of digging clad with my MXT, I got a +74 VDI hit at two inches that produced a 1913 Barber Dime. Feeling that I had my silver quota for the day, I relaxed. I started tree hopping the same old trees I searched last month. I got a real jumpy penny hit almost on the surface. I popped two Wheaties out of the ground that where stuck together. The first one dated 1919-S. No biggie. The second one got me excited because it read 1909-S. Wow that was the second one in a month. I then stopped and thought I should check for the infamous “VDB” on the reverse and about fell over when it was THERE!!!!! HOLY SMOKES!!! I did the happy dance!!! Mark

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