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MXT finds lots of goodies in 2 months!

Rob May 1, 2011

White’s Electronics, Two months ago I purchased an MXT and I wanted to let you know how excited I am about my findings so far. I usually take my MXT out after work for a few hours and on weekends, weather permitting. In the short time since I have had my MXT I have found 636 coins, five rings (one is 10K) and lots of relics and other interesting things. I found the 10K gold ring and 172 coins in a town a little south of me over a two day period. A few weeks later found 148 coins and another ring in one day. I have had several friends and family members invite me over to detect on their property. On an outing to my brother’s property I found 7 wheat pennies from the 30’s to the 50’s, a 1945 mercury dime and a 1945 war nickel. I asked one of my friends who lives in a house built in the 40’s if I could detect on his property. He told me, “you can search but you won’t find anything.” That day I found over 30 coins including a 1909 penny. I also found a 1970’s toy truck and a few other odds and ends all in a very small yard. Needless to say, my friend was quite amazed. My sister and I spent a whole afternoon out with the detector. When I unearthed my first ring, she was as excited as I was. She is now planning on getting a detector. Even my three year old grandson got his bucket and shovel to help his Poppa dig up coins. Another friend bought the same model and we are planning to get together for some excursions in the near future. It’s also fun to get on the White’s forum. It is great to have this resource to read about other people’s findings, talk about techniques, places to go, and get ideas. I have not been disappointed in my MXT investment. I look forward to taking the MXT with me on vacations to the ocean this summer. I couldn’t be happier with the performance and results I have gotten with my MXT. Rob from Auburn, WA

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