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MXT Pro Lost Ring Hunt

Paul Southerland October 25, 2016

Paul Southerland, Oklahoma City
White’s MXT Pro Find

I received a call from a woman living in California requesting help for her mother who lost her wedding ring in Okla. City. I was traveling to Nashville to do gold panning demonstrations at the gold show and explained that it would be at least four days before I returned and could look for it. I asked her to not let anyone mow the yard. Her mother was watering the backyard with a garden hose when the ring flew off her finger. Her husband passed away last year and she wanted badly to find her 14k gold wedding band. She had her husband’s matching band so I placed it on the ground to see what VDI number on my White’s MXT Pro it showed as. It read a solid 26 signal in the pull tab range. She showed me where in the backyard she thought the ring was lost. I made two-and a-half 8 foot long passes and got a matching signal. Others that had looked for the ring had stepped on it and mashed it into the soil under the grass where it was no longer visible. In all it took me only two minutes to find the ring. She was all choked up when I handed it back to her.

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