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MXT returns lost ring

M-Taliesin June 16, 2009

Howdy White’s! I found myself in Loveland, Colorado on one of my marathon hunts that started in Boulder, then on to Estes Park, and eventually to Loveland. After checking several sites, I ended up at a local park that has a swimming beach. I figured I’d hunt that, but before I could start, a gentleman approached me with quite a few questions about my metal detector. Answering them as thoroughly as possible, he then told me that his wife lost her wedding ring in their yard somewhere, and wondered if I knew anybody in Loveland that could help them find it. I told him I did not, but would be happy to come up to Loveland and visit their property to find that ring for them. His wife Theresa came to where we were chatting and explained that the ring was somewhat loose on her finger, and that it flew off while she was brushing off her pants after doing a bit of work beside the house. They didn’t want to impose, considering I live in Aurora, and didn’t want to put me out to drive all the way back to Loveland. However, I insisted and we exchanged phone numbers. They also gave me the address of the home and I told them I’d be coming up on Monday to find that ring. Theresa asked “Do you really think you can find it?” I answered “No, I don’t think so. I know it for a positive fact!” So, with the 1st day of June being warm and comfortable, I headed up to find that ring. when I arrived, Theresa took me around the side of the house and again explained how she lost her ring. She showed me where she was standing at the time, and what she did to have it fly off her finger. She told me they searched hard and long but couldn’t find it. Once again I assured her that if anybody could find it for her, I was the man to do the job. Theresa went on to explain that the ring was of particular significance to her because she got it while doing missionary work in Malaysia. It had been crafted for her by a local artisan. While Theresa went back into the house, I set to work to find her ring. Hitting on one signal, I dug down but found it was something else much larger than a ring. A second signal turned out to be a penny, which I kept! They had metal lawn edging that made things tough for me getting near it, but the MXT with the 6×10 coil hit a signal that had a secondary sound and I decided to investigate it more closely. Fetching my hand-held probe from the car, I returned to the spot as Theresa came out and asked if I like Christian music. I told her I used to listen to it all the time, but not so much in recent years. She then handed me a CD and told me that she wrote all the music and lyrics on the album while on missionary duty in Malaysia. I thought it was a wonderful gesture and accepted it gratefully. Then I opened the hole where that signal was. While I was working, she said they’d seen many miracles in Malaysia. As I reached into the hole, I said “Well, maybe it’s time for a little miracle right here in Loveland!”. No sooner had I said that then I felt something under the sod. “Uh-oh!” I said. “What is it,” Theresa asked. “Is it my ring?” “I dunno,” I replied teasingly. “Might be a pull tab or a metal washer.” As I worked my fingers in the hole, I could feel it was round. I worked to free it from the clot of roots under the grass and my finger slipped into the center. It was a ring! Still could not see it, but I was pretty sure it was Theresa’s missing ring. I kept saying “Uh-oh!” and she was holding her breath. When my hand came out of the hole with the ring on my finger, one of her daughters standing nearby almost shouted “That’s it! That’s the ring!” I held it up to Theresa. “Is this your ring?” “Yes! Yes it is!” she exclaimed and took it from my hand! For the first time in a whole year, she gazed on that ring that came all the way from Malaysia and she looked back at me with a wonderful smile on her face. “May I give you a hug?” “By all means! Thank you!” I replied. After a grateful embrace, she permitted me to take a couple of photos. I gathered up my MXT, pinpointer and the CD she’d given me and headed back to the car. Theresa was herding children off to their next appointment, with that wedding ring on her finger! “Don’t lose it now!” I chided, as I waved goodbye and started driving away. On the way home, I listened to the words and music of a new found friend, and felt a joy within myself for having made a stranger happy, and transforming her into a friend! Not bad for a Monday off from work! Blessings, M-Taliesin

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