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MXT’s Platinum Find!

Dan February 1, 2010

MXT’s Platinum Find This hobby always surprises me. You never know what will be in your scoop or the bottom of the hole. On 10/15/2009, I had just completed a quick run to the hardware store and took the opportunity to make an impromptu scouting hunt of the Middle School next door. The fields behind the school were lush with thick grass. I had hunted these fields last year any they produced probably $50 in clad coins but no good jewelry finds. The fields get a big work-out from local youth sports teams and fans. I am a respectful hobbyist and wanted in no way to deface the beautiful sporting fields. My MXT, mounted with a White’s 4 x 6 Eclipse coil immediately ran out with a Quarter targets. I was just scouting the area so I passed it by. The next couple targets showed shallow Pop Top VDI’s and I likewise passed them by. But the next target showed a target 4 inches down with VDI in the higher gold range and this very much caught my interest. I had to dig it! I carefully moved a plug of sod but the target was still deeper. A trowel scoop of soil was then placed on a piece of plastic. Only then a smaller glimmer of silver peeked out from the side of the hole. Drat….a Pop Top, I thought! I dug out the target and it was a shining yellow gold and silverish HEAVY ring was in my hand. To my surprise the inside was stamped Pl .95 750. A friendly local jeweler interpreted this inscription as 95% Platinum Band with 18 k Yellow Gold accent. This is my first Platinum find in 6 years of detecting! Shown in the picture is a second lesser 10 k ring found in a different schoolyard the previous day. Although I have several machines, most of my better finds have been made with my faithful White’s MXT. I purchased my MXT from and was trained by Gerry of Gerry’s Detectors in Boise, ID. DanUpstate NY

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