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My 3rd Morgan

Mark Arbic March 5, 2019

This never seems to make sense, but even though winter is here and detecting is more difficult in the frozen Northwest. I seem to be finding more. I did have the new Dtech 13” butterfly coil on when I found it. But I could have found it with a radio shack cheapy. I ran into a guy on the beach and after a conversation I asked if I could do his lawn. He said yes for a place I’d thought I would never get permission. His lawn was small, but it held another great bucketlister. I was going along and got a signal which I thought was a sprinkler head about 3” Down and as I opened the plug. Up starring at me was a 1921 Morgan. This is my third one with the DFX. Just about 6 months earlier I got a first year Morgan with it too. So both first year and last year Morgan’s, all within a 6 month period. I also got a chunky platinum ring just a few days befor that. Been a great winter so far. Go get you some!

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