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My Eagle Spectrum has never failed me!

Gary March 1, 2011

Hi, my name is Gary and my passion for metal detecting started over 40 years ago. For Christmas Santa got me a new White’s metal detector with a discriminator, I couldn’t wait to use it. I asked my mother to bring me up to the fairgrounds in the freezing cold to try out my White’s detector. My first reading turned out to be two quarters in the same hole, after that I was hooked. Today I own a White’s Eagle Spectrum and it has helped me find many relics. I spend a lot of spare time looking at old maps finding colonial foundations and seeing how our colonial ancestors lived. Searching colonial foundations or cellar holes has turned into a passion for me and I do it every chance I get. My White’s detector has found me buckles, buttons, silver and gold coins, shoe buckles and my best find of all a 1786 Vermont Baby head, very rare to dig one in the condition. I had found a 1700’s foundation not even on the maps not far from my house. I couldn’t wait to search it with my White’s detector, after about 20 minutes I got a solid quarter reading about 6″ down. Underneath a flat rock out came this 1786 Vermont Baby head. This White’s Eagle Spectrum has helped me on my journey through time and has never failed me once. Thanks White’s! Gary (CT)

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