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My first Watch Fob

Arbic April 1, 2015

It always pays to follow up on leads, and this story was no exception. I was on a hunt in some newly dug soil, on some familiar territory. When I got a lead from an excavation worker told me to check out a pile of dirt, they were using for fill. So I went right over to see what he was talking about. After a thorough search I cam up with just one Item of interest, my first watch fob. After a little research I discovered it comes from the Spokane Cracker company, 1898-1903 under that name. I was surpassed to see the emblem in the middle, but as I found from recent historical research, the emblem was a good luck charm up until the Nazis used it. In fact it can be seen all the way back to early Egyptian days. I hate the image it stands for today, but the find was interesting and a first for me.

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