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My Greatest Find

Darren Wright November 15, 2017

On a sad note, this year I just retired my XLT from fifteen years of use. Over the course of that time I found countless items and made many memorable memories. Looking back on those memories my greatest had to be when I found my 26 coin cache in the summer of 2006.

I was detecting alone off an old wagon trail in Connecticut when I got a great reading. I dug the target and it turned out to be a Barber Dime. I rechecked the hole and I got another reading. I reached my hand in the hole, pull out some dirt, and mixed in with the dirt was silver coins; Barber Dimes and Quarters. I began to shake. I retrieved all the targets in the hole and began to swing my detector again. Not three feet away I got another reading. I dug, and in the hole were more coins. In total I retrieved 10 Barber Dimes, 10 V Nickels, and 6 Barber Quarters.

Thanks White’s for the great memories.


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