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My October 2009 finds

George March 1, 2010

Dear White’s, I would like to share the great finds I got with my BeachHunter 300 this October. In Sept 2009 I sent my BeachHunter 300 to your service center to have the “300” coil installed. I had my detector back to me in one week! This is outstanding! Fast and perfectly done! Thank you! I detect beaches all over the East coast…This year I hunted as far South Key West Florida and as far North as Old Orchard beach Maine. In the month of October we started to get some sand movement that uncovered some great jewelry and old coins. I got silver dimes from the late 1800’s and Indian Head pennies, Mercury dimes, pre 64 Roosevelt dimes and a silver quarter. The jewelry that was found was 2 sterling silver religious medals, a set of sterling silver stripes. I also found a total of 34.9 grams of 14k gold and 5.2 grams of 10k gold…almost enough to buy me another BeachHunter ID! I got a tri-color gold bracelet, a gold rope chain with pendant, and then the big one!! A 14k 18.6 gram watch with tiny diamonds around the face, it does not work but the value of the gold is $385.00 at today’s gold prices!! I cannot thank you enough! You make the best detectors out there and your service is #1! Bob at your V.A service center is great! He is always friendly, helpful and goes the extra mile to help his customers! Thanks, George (MA)

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