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My V3i is cleaning up at old homesteads

Hiner August 1, 2015

My two buddies and I specialize on old homesteads. I have been using a White's V3i detector for several years. I have found a 1792 Spanish coin, an 1874 Five dollar gold coin plus many old silver coins. I found the following on two old homesteads dated around the 1850's to 1870's. 1. 1854 Seated dime. 2. 1884 and 1906 Indian head penny. 3. Old brass door hinge. 4. 1880 Morgan Silver dollar. 5. 1896 Morgan Silver dollar. 6. 1900 and 1901 Liberty head V nickel. 7. Ornate Butterfly and Flower pins. 8. Old copper ashtray with engraving of a miner panning for gold next to his Donkey. 9. Gorham Silver serving spoon that was used in the White House by Abraham Lincoln and General Grant’s family. 10. Mercury dimes from 1920, 1938 and 1943.

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