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My very first ring & it’s silver!

July 1, 2015

I had a old machine from another company and wasn't finding anything good at all. My boyfriend who has a White's MXT All Pro gave me his older Eagle Spectrum and I had permission to detect a few yards of my neighbors. All the houses around this neighborhood were built in the 1920's. We were finding a bunch of wheaties and he kept saying there's gonna be silver in this yard. I didn't really think I would find any silver as I was so used to the old other brand machine. In the back yard I got a nice flutey high tone, so dug down and saw the glint of a silver ring. I couldn't believe it! My very 1st ring & it was silver! A vintage sterling ring with black onyx & marcasites all around it. Now I understand why my boyfriend loves White's machines. They are very simple to learn and it finds awesome stuff!

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