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The old, the fun and the scary

Ralph January 20, 2017

Hello This is Lord Damian folks at the forums call me Lizard Prince. I started the marvelous sport of TH’ing down in the year1980 with an inexpensive unit that I got from a novelty catalog by the name of selsi and a few months into having it all I found was scrap junk metal. So as you might expect it I closet the unit and forgot about the hobby. By the year 1981 I was paging through a coinage numismatic magazine very old when I was probably only 8 or 9 years old dad had it in between a whole bunch of old scrap papers mother was discarding in the trash container. On 2 different pages was an announcement of a long gone company Compass and on the other one called Whites I send in the coupon for both catalogs. On getting both booklets I was so impressed with the color pictures and the bug bit me. I actually convinced myself I had bought too cheap that is why I had failed with the inexpensive unit I was debating in between the competitors model or a one called a coin master 6000 series 2 I was so convinced that I wanted to give it another crack at it that I began a mad drive to sell Nestles fun raising chocolates in the avenue street light and by February 1982 I had sold enough chocolates I flipped a coin and the flip was I buy a Coin Master 5000 D series 2.

The waiting to get it seemed like forever I went to the school superintendent and I got an o.k. to try the local elementary school. I hunted it every day from Monday through Friday while the lady janitor cleaned the class rooms. It was my first exposure to the wildest and blessed hunting experience after removing from the yard the first carpet of common clad coins then the mercury dimes, buffalos, wheat cents so and so came out of the soil.

So this is what metal detecting was all about the oldest coin from that school yard was a 1900 V nickel it has been well over 30 or so years since that initial plunge into the treasure plasma pool after my first 2 years I became a dealer for the Caribbean island of Puerto Rico and feel serving and presenting other the most magical and marvelous hobby/ sport. My oldest Coin so far is a copper coin from Spain a 1844 Isabela the 2nd found at the Military base at San Juan.

It was a clear and fascinating day at Isla Verde (Hobby beach) I got a loud blast from my White’s Eagle I pulled a rectangular wood box wrapped with a large clump of aluminum foil upon opening it I was meet by a ragged cloth voodoo doll with pins stuck all over it with a neatly folded paper note under it. I took it to the lady who rents beach chairs and umbrellas and she said my God quickly throw that junk away. I didn’t think twice about it. I placed my left hand on the creepy thing and prayed an our fathers prayer with all my devotion and faith and then slammed it in a trash container.

The next scary event took place while I was out with my DFX on the small Condado beach on the limit of the bridge “Los Dos Hermanos” I was hunting it for maybe some 15 minutes when I got a loud blast. I said to my self another blasted aluminum can at the depth of 1 feet I saw something black at the bottom  upon prying it up with the tip of my long handle scoop out popped to my shock a almost like new BB pellet gun I picked it with lots of care with my hanky and placed it in my carry bag. I was so nervous and scared I had to cancel the remaining of the detecting hunt unable to focus any further. I have opened the gun through the screws and found it had no pellets inside I have since then took out of circulation something that could have been used for something bad. If I had found a gun with common amo bullets I would have let the authority’s handle it. It just goes for sure this hobby is a complete mystery the question being is….. Will this be the last scary stuff I will find? Or better yet…. What shape will my next item look like?

Photo # 1  The B.B.Pellet gun
Photo # 2 A look at the hoarding of Wheat ears cents and other trinkets over the years.
Photo # 3 This is me at the park (Lineal) taking a break with some of my first coins with Mighty Gorgo “V3i”
Photo # 4 Me a close up
Photo # 5 Lord Damian “Prince of reptiles Lord of Dragons”

Thanks White’s for the moments without end of odd and marvelous mysteries of not knowing what will come up next. I will always treasure each memory

Yours Truly Ralph (Lord Damian) “Lizard Prince”

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