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Classic IDX

Old Lock and Barber Quarter

Jeff Calzarette March 5, 2019

I was looking for somewhere different to go detecting. I did not have any new permissions, so I decided to try a cellar hole on public land. I have driven by the cellar on my way to and from work every day for years. It is a very obvious cellar hole that I was sure was hunted out, but it was someplace new for me. I worked around the hole but all I was finding was nails and rusty cans. I noticed and old cart path and started to follow it hoping to find another cellar hole. About 50 feet from the cellar hole I got a screaming signal, as I set my detector down I got another signal that was very faint. I dug the screamer first and it was this wonderful old padlock, my best lock find ever. I than pin pointed the faint signal, hoping for the key to the lock. Instead of a key, I dug up this beautiful 1910 D Barber quarter. I did not find any other treasure, but I a very happy with the two items my White’s detector found for me. Thank you for the years of entertainment that my detector has brought me. This is the Greatest hobby ever.

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