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New York

Metal Detector Used:


Prizm V Finds 142yr Old Metal!

Howard W. January 20, 2008

Dear White’s Electronics, I was hunting an old house site from 1732 in Upstate NY on Wednesday November 21, 2007. Finds where slow then I swept my Prizm V coil under the apple tree and got a nice solid signal. I dug a plug about 6 inches deep and got out my White’s Bullseye II pinpointer and found that it was still in the whole. I stuck my shovel in and hit a root. So using my fingers I dug under the root and saw the side of this coin. I thought it was a Large Cent. Carefully digging it out I see a wreath on it and said “yup it’s a large cent.” Then I noticed it wasn’t a large cent and I saw Children’s medal on it. It is in very good condition. This medal was used to Celebrate the 100th anniversary. Howard W.-NY

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