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Prospecting in the rocks? No problem for White’s DFX

Mulcahy August 1, 2015

The early part of 2015 has paid off with some great finds already. I enjoy metal detecting along the river's edges and out in shallow water, and my recent trips have included frequent target signals through river rock which has proven no problem for my DFX detector. I run a combination beach and mixed mode program which allows the detector to see through the rock, and return back to me most of the data visually and in audio as if I was searching in a normal, unobstructed beach area. Larger rock of course — there is a reduction of return signal but still, I am pleased with the amount of indicators that allow me to dig coins and rings. There are 4 estuaries — each within 90 minutes or less of home — where I enjoy this kind of detecting this time of year. Searching is subject to being there at low tide of course, and with the river rock being exposed instead of covered by several feet of sand like it usually is. Gold and silver rings have been the payoffs for January, along with several pre-1900 coins, and lots of silver from the 1916-1964 era. It's a different methodology used for this kind of detecting, and a lot of fun with good returns for a person who works the rock ever so slowly, and listens to everything intently in the headphones. Whether along a lake shore, out in a stream bed, or prospecting along a rocky beach, don't overlook any of these kinds of areas where you would not think there would be targets. If the area has been heavily used over the years, chances are, some big surprises are in store if you are willing to put your detector to work.

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