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Returned mother\’s ring that was found with MX Sport

Lynn Gant September 10, 2018

I decided to go to our local lake right after the 4th of July. This year was the first time I had made it out to the state lake. I decided to use my White\\\’s MX Sport. I like the MX Sport because it is really quiet in the water, not real noisy, plus it is lightweight . While hunting I found 3 rings and a little over 3 dollars in change. The rings: a 10k white gold ring, a silver mother\\\’s ring and a stainless steel men\\\’s ring. While looking over the mother\\\’s ring, I noticed that there were kid’s names on the ring. I decided to find the owner so I posted it on the local Facebook Buy, Sell and Trade site. Within 2 hours someone contacted and told me the names on the ring. They were a match so we set up a time to get together and return the ring. Her husband was telling me that she lost it the weekend before the 4th as she was throwing a ball to one of her kids. They looked and looked for it but couldn\\\’t find it. So it was a surprise when she saw it on Facebook ! She was really happy to see it again and felt lost without it on her finger.
Thank you White\\\’s for making wonderful detectors. I wouldn\\\’t use any other brand.

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