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Beach Hunter 300

Returned Ring

David Pastecchi June 12, 2017

i was down at the beach this morning… about 3hrs in and about to go home… no real finds, but nice day. and then this young lady comes running my way.

she tells me she lost her wedding ring while putting suntan lotion on her little girl… so i say \”lead the way and are you sure thats where you lost it\”

we get there and kids playing all around… tell her she needs to move all the chairs and try and keep the kids from digging as it may cause the ring to go deeper…

fingers crossed i start the search… and not a great spot as it is near the dune fence… first 2 solid hits were bottle tops… im real good at finding those, if anyone has lost one… 3rd hit was by where the chairs were… BOOM !! up comes the ring i let her take it out of the scoop and and she cant be happier and gives me a great hug… who can ask for more… her friend wants to give me something and i say no… but a photo would be awesome

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