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Scottish Rite Gold Ring after scotland festival

Jason Shapiro September 10, 2018

Hi Guys ! Jason is Here with another great find with my awesome New V3i Detector from Whites , Me and my bro Josh hunt parks ,beaches and creeks near our home everyday because it is fun rewarding and the knowledge that is gained by detecting is better than four years of college ! I have learned so much well my story is simple at a local Park that has Disc Golfers, Basketball and baseball players frequently you know that in a rush stuff gets misplaced well while scanning by a well known creek in North County San Diego I was not finding much until a +43 comes up on the display about 3 inches deep .weird signals and numbers are a must when walking around parks so i grab my digger and gopher-it out of the side of the creek looks like a Bacardi cap gold except it has white metal on top who knows I say and toss it in the waist bag not really thinking to hard about it ,but after cleaning it up and doing some research it has a 32 with a sword underneath it ,double headed bird in white gold on top and something that looks like an arrow on onside about 500 dollars online So Rad thanks to my trusty V3eye I found gold about 8 grams , Best Detector Ever !!!!Jason Shapiro San Diego

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