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Someone Lose a Pipe Wrench ?

Joshua Shapiro November 15, 2018

Hi Everyone! I have the funniest story about a pipe wrench I found while detecting a park by the beach in North County San Diego. When I hunt for objects in the dirt or under the ground focusing on any object mentally greatly improves finds for me on a subconscious level, just thinking about what an object might be is so EXCITING! So My V3i Metal Detector has taken so much of the guess work and by trying new programs or switching coils taking notes on different effects, I have come up with. By changing my search coil from the one supplied to an elliptical 6×10 DD whites coil found on prospecting models,is incredible and much better for speed hunting to me. After finding a loud grunting target on coin and jewelry mode red bars on screen seeing a -92 to -93 about 4 in deep in analyze mode big red hump grab the Whites Digger, which I adore. Rammed into something hard twisted the tool and tried to pop out of the ground and a over foot section begins coming up like a long object cracking the earth as it emerges upward and to my unsure eyes I laugh and say “Did you lose a pipe wrench?” Because frozen in time is this tool with writing on it it so rusted I think to myself “Hah aha great for the collection.” Thanks so much to you all at Whites for the GOOD times! Let them roll on forever.

Joshua Shapiro

San Diego, CA

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