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Summer finds behind the house..!!!

charles worley October 26, 2017

This was my first year in warm weather with my M6,and I’m hoping all the winter practice has paid off. These items were found in the woods behind my home,right next to a railroad bridge that was once burned down by Morgans Raiders. The area was and is still littered with iron,but as I got acquainted with the tones and mixed signals, and after digging out old railroad spikes,square head nails and other iron,I would come across finds that the M6 would would just scream on. I hunted with a S.E.F. 10X12 and cant wait to save enough to buy the 6X10 eclipse. Then,I think I will find lots more. This detector has really changed the way I hunt and I recommend Whites to any one who asks about the hobby. Thanks for everything Whites..

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