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Surf PI finds Platinum ring!

John August 1, 2011

Dear White’s, A couple days ago I was hunting one of my favorite Southern California beaches with my White’s Surf PI Pro. It was evening and the tide was high so I was detecting the dry sand at the towel line. This beach sees a lot of detectors, so the targets were pretty sparse. I was getting the usual bottle caps, bobby pins, pulltabs and change. After about 2 hours of detecting I got a good signal by a lifeguard tower and after 1 scoop, I looked in the basket to see a silver band. The light was fading as I looked for the hallmark inside the ring. I could just make out the PT 950. The ring felt heavy for its size and I knew I had my first platinum ring. It weighed in at 5.0 grams, which came out to $279.00 melt. Not bad for a couple of hours of doing what I love to do. I tell people that detecting is like fishing, sometimes you get skunked and sometimes you catch your limit. Many thanks to White’s for making a quality product that’s reliable and a pleasure to use. John

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