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TDI BeachHunter

TDI Beach Hunter Delivers!

George Huber September 9, 2019

Before getting the TDI earlier this year, I used a White’s Dual Field with great success. What I like most about the TDI is that it is similar to the Dual Field but the threshold is so smooth! Coupled with the stock headphones, which seem more comfortable and quieter to me, I feel that I am missing fewer targets as I can hear the signals much better even in windy conditions. I also love the minimum pulse delay of the TDI which is better for small gold.
During a recent night hunt at the beach, I did find gold but it wasn’t “small”. Hunting in the wet sand at low tide, I scooped out a target and even in the darkness could see the shape of a large bracelet. As soon as I picked it up it’s weight (19 grams!), smoothness and the way the links swung so freely told me that it was a good one. I clicked on my headlamp and saw the beautiful color of yellow gold in my hand!
Later in the hunt, as the tide reached it’s low point, I was thrilled again to see more gold the scoop. This time, a 5 gram 14k ring found by the surf’s edge!
Looking forward to many more treasured memories with the TDI in future hunts!

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