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The MXT IS A Relic hunting Beast!!

Steve Thorne June 11, 2018

Volunteering again, this time for Kansas archeologists near Hays, Kansas. The purpose was to survey some areas along Big Creek and verify the site where General Custer and the 7th Cavalry camped in the summer of 1869.

As part of a crew of Texas volunteers we travel throughout the mid-west and assist archeologists in various detecting surveys.

The 2 1/2 day survey resulted in recovering over 100 military eagle buttons and dozens of other significant period artifacts. One picture shows a Cavalry eagle off of an ‘applied’ coat button. Relatively rare to find and the only one out of hundreds of artifacts.

My White’s MXT detector continues to be the Cadillac of relics hunters! Paired with my White’s Prostar headphones it is an unstoppable combination!!!

****My Prostar headphones sadly met an untimely breakage as the plastic snapped*********

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