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Joe S. March 2, 2010

It was time again for me to drive to the Mojave Dessert and do some dry washing and metal detecting. I had been prospecting the same area for a while, and had been successful in finding a lot of small nuggets with my White’s V-Sat and the DD coil. This detector has found me a lot of smaller nuggets in the past, and I was still hoping to find the Big One. Most of my finds ranged from -01 grams to 1 gram. Prior to leaving home I noticed a nice sized plastic vial sitting on the sink counter. I grabbed it, and advised my wife that I would like to use it for my prospecting. I told her I didn’t want to seem presumptive, but one day I was going to find a nugget that wouldn’t fit in the smaller vial I was using. I think you can guess the rest. That same day I found a nice 2/3 ounce nugget with my metal detector when I detected my dry wash hole. The nugget fit nicely into my new nugget container. I now take that container with me every time I go prospecting. I’ll continue to use my White’s V-Sat because it has been faithful to me, but I’m going to spend some time with my new birthday present, the TDI. I understand it will go deeper so I’m going to go back over the areas I’ve already covered, and I want to find a “Big Nugget”. Joe S. (CA)

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