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treasures found 2014 / 2015

ontiveros March 4, 2016

I`ve had my DFX for 8 years now, and have been hunting lots of interesting places. My DFX has always been good to me whether in the back country hunting down relics or in camp sites that have been used since the 1930`s or so. Just recently I drove by a local park that was surfacing a section of the park that was used for a BBQ area. Since I knew the history of the park and that it was used as a "park your car" and camp at the turn of the century, I returned after work with my DFX and within 5 minutes of hunting I located a rare 1892S Half dollar. Within the next 2 days I found a total of 12 Barbers, including a 1897S Barber quarter, and a YMCA marathon medal dated 1910, and a few tokens. So if you're looking for treasure like myself, do your home work and you will be surprised what is still left in the ground. And rewarded for the time spent in your local library. Happy hunting and remember…. swing it low and slow.

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