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Two nice rings found at the beach this month

Rich August 1, 2013

White’s Electronics With the low tides and great clam digging this time of year, it’s also a productive period for treasure hunting. I came across these two nice rings during the low tide periods early in the month. Part of the strategy to beach hunting is working the low-lying areas way on out where many thousands have enjoyed their beach time over the years. My two White’s detectors do an awesome job of working the saltwater beaches and finding all metal to depths of over a foot down. I enjoy both the DFX and my V3i — both fitted with 950 coils. I run mixed mode programs with both detectors and employ both corkscrew and parallel line grid searches when working particularly prospective sites. My first ring for this month is a 3-diamond, P4, which as a jeweler explained to me, is an alloy composed of platinum, palladium, white gold, and silver. It’s a beautiful little ring, sounding off sharply at 7 inches in depth with that audio-nickel tone that we all love. Ring #2 also came from out in the swimmer’s zone. It is a 10k gold with a nice oval sapphire. This ring was a bit more of a challenge, being down at 14 inches in depth. However, by listening to the whispers in the headphones, one is often able to dig targets at depths that are sometimes ignored. Working a zone very slowly, walking and sweeping the detector, and overlapping the sweeps is an effective way of covering an area. In an especially productive site, working the grid from different angles also produces additional targets that may have been missed previously. My DFX and V3i detectors have paid for themselves many times over. I am grateful to White’s Electronics for developing such effective and enjoyable treasure hunting products. Rich (OR)

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