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V3i finds 1789 GW Inaugural button!

BJ September 1, 2011

Hi White’s Electronics, I was literally a novice having never detected before in my life until I purchases a V3i last December 27th, 2009 after moving to Northern Virginia. I live in an area where the Union army camped from 1862-1863 and my backyard was used as a winter camp during that time. I had heard that it was hunted out years ago but my machine proved the nay sayers wrong. I was so excited when I got my V3i that I literally put in some batteries and went in my back yard detecting. This is something that everyone thinks is hard to believe but it is true. I put my machine in the relic mode and within 1 hour I found 2 complete Union shoulder scales that were buried under a log at about 10.” I went out the next day and I found another complete shoulder scale about 20 yards from the first one. Since that time, I have found over 50 3 ringer bullets and about 20 buttons including Eagle “I” buttons, colonial flat buttons, and numerous other brass artifacts. This was only in a 2 acre parcel! I have found to date over 300 civil war bullets including about 50 buttons of all sorts, colonial coins, civil war era watch chains, brass harmonica reeds, and other neat relics. I have been detecting with 2 friends who have F-75 LTD’s, Nautilus machines, TDI’s and no bragging, I routinely find more artifacts whether they be buttons, bullets, or other relics. One friend wants to get a V3i when he gets some extra money. This guy has 5 machines already! It took some time to learn the machine and it has a huge learning curve, but I was diligent and I had a lot of help from folks on the White’s forum as to questions asked and settings used for various soil make ups. I am so pleased with my machine that I am a 1 machine metal detectorist! Here are some pictures of some of the items that I have found including the shoulder scales I found in the back yard the first day. Kudos to White’s! BJ (VA)

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