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V3i hits 9″ Seated Dime

Joe Mackey October 20, 2017

Used the V3i in mixed mode stereo with the 12×15 coil to hit a thoroughly hunted park. I got a solid deep signal at 81-82 VDI with a high tone. Using The pinpointing it registered in the green frequency and had a depth of 8″. I dug down 8″ stuck the pin pointer in the hole and it gave a solid signal in the center of the hole. I dug down another inch and a half and out popped a black coin. It was a 1871 S Seated liberty dime. I kept hunting and digging deep iffy nickel signals. I had a descent one showing VDI of 17-35 and a depth of 7 “. Pinpointing said it was in the blue frequency with a depth of 7”. Down 8 inches in the gravel was a beautiful 1899 V nickel. Theres finds are from a city park in Spokane Washington which makes them even more amazing. Happy Hunting and Good Luck

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