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V3i Roadside Assistance

Tim Stephens September 10, 2018

I was browsing the local trader group on Facebook and ran across someone wanting to buy a metal detector. I replied asking if they wanted an entry level machine or a high end detector. They replied something cheap to find her husbands wedding ring and they were desperate to find it.

I asked if he had a good idea where he lost it.

Turns out he swatted at a bug while driving home from work at 2:00 am and his ring flew out the window. After talking to them I told them I would drive out and see if I could find it for them. I’ve recovered rings for over 30 years for people but I was skeptical about this one since it was ejected from a moving vehicle but heck, I love a challenge.

After a 37 mile drive, estimating where the ring might have ended up at 45 MPH and 20 minutes detecting a roadside ditch with my V3i I recovered his wedding ring. It made me happy to see her cry and be overcome with emotion when I found it. They offered to pay me $100 for my help but I refused. The experience alone was worth it.

I always love the challenge of recovering a lost wedding ring.

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