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War Medal

Joshua Shapiro June 11, 2018

Hello Fellow Metal Hunters while out Hunting a nearby Park which served as a possible army encampment . Me and my Brother Jason have uncovered an area where plenty of .45 bullets and casings were dug up , a old dog tag beaten by rocks by the creek and this a Service Medal from one of the wars ,not sure which ,but I am am just slowly covering this area on the bank of the creek with my V3i Detector ,heard a good target sound like a thump which usually sounds like a zinc,copper penny, a key, bottle-cap in the red range about 2 inches deep ,thinking about not scratching items as observed on Treasure Hunting America , grabbed my Digging tool and dug around the area and then probed around through the loose stuff ,and i saw it face down stuck in the dry dirt and popped it out which left a impression in the dirt really cool and never found a medal before ,After buying a DFX and having great success decided to upgrade the the 3 freq detector ,really happy I did Thanks for the time making this Great Detector sincerly , Joshua Shapiro From San Diego ,Ca

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