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Way Harder Than a Needle in a Haystack!

Carl Johansen September 10, 2018

18kt Gold pendent

I recently moved to the St. Petersburg area from Colorado.
After years of detecting in the Denver area, the concept of beach hunting was completely new to me.
Driving by the beach one day, I decided to give it a try.
I had the DFX in the car trunk, but I forgot to bring a large coil.
All I had was the 4×6″ coil!
After readjusting the settings on the machine, I proceeded to start hunting on the dry sand area of the beach.
I was pleasantly surprised by the loud, crisp sound the detector would make when a target was located.
After about 45 minutes, I got a low, nickel sounding reading.
Using my sand scoop, I was shocked to see a quarter sized gold looking object. Once I handled it I knew it was the real deal.
Almost 4 grams of 18kt gold!
I was completely shocked! Honestly did not expect to find anything of real value, this hunt was planned to be a practice run, to learn the nuances of beach hunting.
I think the best part of the day however, was soon after I saw another detectorist hunting nearby. I went over to chat with him.
When he saw what I found, using that tiny little coil, he just shook his head, and laughed.
I promised him that the next time he saw me, I would be more properly prepared.
Love the DFX, but thinking I’m gonna be needing a new BeachHunter 300!

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