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Tony Scarangelli February 26, 2019

I am a pessimist by nature. I have owned a V3i for about 8 months. I have read performance claims of many detector accessories, including coils that generally are not true. My opinion has done a 180 with the White’s Detech 13” Ultimate DD coil and V3i.
For Christmas my wife bought me this coil for my V3i. Like many coils I read this one would make cleaned out areas seem like new. Being a pessimist, I found that impossible, especially the locations “my son and I” have worked clean. I convinced myself if we found a coin or two and maybe a couple artifacts that were still in these hunted out locations, I would be happy. Boy was I not just surprised by jolted!
Due to family and school commitments, my 14 year old, Nicholas and I do not get out for long periods of time detecting. In just 3 short outings of 2 hours or less each, in our cleaned out areas, we have found:
1. 1719-1719 King George 1st half penny
2. 1773 Virginia Half Penny
3. 1780 Spanish 1/2
4. 1798 Draped Bust Large Cent
5. King George III half penny
6. 1828 Large Cent
7. 1892 Indian Head
8. 1898 V Nickel
9. 1900 Barber Half Dollar
In addition to the coins, a “Tallio” cufflink was found circa 1790, early flat buttons, part of a large brass Elk’s Club badge 1900ish, enamel religious medal circa 1920 and of course some junk. This was not just any junk, this was junk that still existed in our hunted out spots! Where there is junk there is more good stuff !
Let me add some of these coins were the deepest coins I have ever dug in my 40+ years of detecting and no doubt in my mind the mixture of the V3i with the 13” Ultimate Coil made it all possible. The George 1st half penny, Virginia half penny, Draped Bust large cent, Barber Half and King George III half penny were all 10 to 13 inches deep. That meant the top of my TRX pinpointer was at times completely in the hole and then some in order to pinpoint these coins.
My name is Tony, my son is Nicholas and we are BELIEVERS in the V3i and 13” Ultimate Coil !

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