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South Carolina

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We will never find it all

Rhett W. December 1, 2009

Dear White’s Electronics, I would like to thank White’s Electronics for my M6 detector I recently purchased. This is the third upgrade in less than 18 months. I have been very successful with the M6 on our local beaches and parks. Attached are pictures of just a few of the hidden treasures I have located in just a few visits. I have found watches, phones, iPods, rings, necklaces, earrings, foreign coins, and lots of US coins. I would like to recommend the White’s M6 with a beach mode and D2 loop, it has great penetration and accurate pinpointing. There is much competition on our beaches and with my M6 I’ll go just behind another hunter and locate more items. The saying is, “We will never find it all” and it’s true, thanks White’s. Sincerely, Rhett W.

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