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When the North Winds Blow

Gerylo January 1, 2015

In Manitoba Canada we have a swimming beach called Grand Beach. The beach has been around since 1916 with steam trains bringing visitors from the City of Winnipeg Manitoba. Every year in the fall I look forward to detecting the almost 1 mile of white sand beach especially when the north winds blow off the lake. Sometimes when the winds are just right and strong enough the waves could do considerable damage to the beach and dunes. This is where you could find many items lost all those years ago. This fall was no exception with a strong wind that blew for a few days. Once the wind calmed I decided to make a visit and hopefully see any cut areas caused by the waves. I did not see any hopeful signs for the first hour of detecting until at the far east end of the beach I noticed that about a 200 foot section of the dunes had been cut back about 20 feet. I immediately began doing a grid pattern and it did not take long before I started finding old coins with my Whites VX3. I found quite a few silver coins with the oldest being a 1912 silver nickel. Also found where two large pennies with the oldest being 1899. Besides the coins two gold rings were found, one a 14k/18k ring and an 18k mans black onyx ring. Thank you White’s

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