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White’s TreasurePro…”Treasure-Magnet”

Caldwell February 19, 2016

Hello to all! I had an awesome day out today with the Treasure Pro Metal Detector, and wanted to share my finds with you! I was hunting in an area that has produced for me in the past, and the area didn't disappoint me today! The finds for the day are as follows: (1) 1964 Silver Eisenhower Dime (3) Silver Mercury Dimes (1924, 1928, 1943) (1) Silver Religious Medallion. The Silver Dimes were located at a depth of around 5" to 6" inches, and the Silver Religious Medallion was located at a solid 7". (Signals were loud, clear, and repeatable) I was using the "Coin & Jewelry" Program, with Sensitivity on Max, and 8 Tone ID enabled. Considering the price-point, I am simply amazed at this machine's power, sensitivity, accuracy, and features! Thanks for taking the time to read about my finds and Happy-Hunting to all!

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