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White’s TreasurePro Triple Silver Day!

Caldwell October 18, 2015

Wow! What a great day! I recently purchased the new Treasure Pro for my wife & son to use and learn on, and decided to take the detector out for testing. I gained permission to hunt the lawn of a old local church grounds. The Pastor was very nice, and genuinely interested in metal detectors and what I've found! Beautiful day, temperature was mid 70's, and about 2 hours later… 3 very nice silver finds! The ring is a bit crushed/beat-up…but hey, I'll take it! lol (might take to a local jeweler to see if he can straighten out a bit) The St. Christopher Medallion ( located at about 8" down & solid Half $ VDI) says .925 Sterling on the back. The Ring (located about 6" down & High Quarter/88-89 VDI) says something on the inside band (the stamp is right at one of the bends) but I'm positive it's at least .925 Silver. Then there's the '46 Rosie Dime (located at 7" down, and fluctuated between high penny & high dime VDI…79-83/84) she was actually the 1st silver to pop out of the ground for the day, and a sight for sore eyes. Total for the day… 2 clad Quarters, 3 clad Dimes, 3 zinc pennies, 2 1957 Wheaties…I knew when I found the Wheaties…there would at least be the possibility for silver again…wow! The best day out in a long time! Thanks for making an awesome detector White's! Good luck & Happy Hunting to all!

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