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XLT Finds Pile of Silver

Reynolds March 5, 2016

I was out fishing one day at a lake near where I live and saw a huge old mansion home way far back off the road that I had never seen or even knew about. It looked to me to date to the early 20th century, I approached the owner who thought it would be interesting to see what I could find. I only had about 45 minutes of light left so I thought I would give it a try real quick just to see if anyone else had been there or if anything had been moved around. I went back to my truck, got my XLT out and quickly went to work. As the house bordered the lake, there was only the front area of the house to detect, so I started by the front door and worked my way out. First few finds were just a few Wheaties and some clad. Working my way out I hit my first silver quarter from the early 60's. Was starting to wonder if that's all there'd be until I got a huge hit down by the front wall. I thought at first it was iron, given how loud the signal was but decided to dig it anyway. As soon as I pulled the plug I saw it, an 1886 Morgan Silver dollar in excellent condition. I was in temporary shock as it's only the second Morgan I've ever found. I also saw what appeared to be a silver pendant in the hole beneath it. It was a Catholic church pendant which turned out to be silver plated. I stuck the pin pointer back into the hole and there was more! Next out was a 1920 Mercury dime and then a 1937 Jefferson nickel. I was ecstatic! Darkness was coming but I kept hunting, as I got closer to the side of the house, more hits. Several more Wheaties and then another early 60's silver quarter. Then I got another loud signal, I had a feeling it was another large silver and after flipping the plug I was right, it was a 1942 Walking Liberty Half Dollar. At this point, it was too dark to continue the hunt and felt it was time to leave. Not bad for 45 minutes of hunting! I went back the next day only to find many more wheaties, 2 more 1950's silver quarters and 2 silver Rosies. All in all, one of the best places I've ever hunted and more credit to my White's XLT.

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