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XLT Finds!

Jeff February 17, 2008

White’s Electronics- Hello my name is Jeff, about two years ago my son talked me into buying a used XLT Spectrum. We have hunted a few parks and found the usual clad coins, one day we were hunting at a park we have searched quite often before. We noticed a new piece of land had opened for a new playground. After searching for about 10 minutes in the new field, I started getting a lot of bottle cap signals at varying depths from 3”-6”, with most had VDI numbers from 45-52. I decided to check it out, when I began digging and got down to where it was, it turned out to be a 69 caliber round ball. We ended up finding quite a few relics that day, so began our interest in relic hunting! Here are a few pictures from that day, thank you White’s for a great detector even though it’s used. My son and I have been eyeballing the new MXT….! Thanks again, Jeff in Missouri .

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