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Young man first coin

Orlando Parker September 10, 2018

I was detecting a park in Omaha Ne and kids was looking at me find coins.
One young man who was watching me for over a hour.
I ask his mom could he try one of my detector with you watching?
She said it was ok as long as he didn’t go far from her.
I let the young man try out my Prizm II metal detector.
My Prizm detector is my sandbox detector.
After learning how to use the Prizm this young lad found some penny’s and tabs etc.
Not far from his mom his started jumping up and down.
This young lad start yelling I found a old coin.
I took one look and said it is a real silver dime 1964 over 50 years old.
He ask me if he could keep the coin an buy my detector.
I said if it ok with you mom you can keep the coin (you found it)
My detector is not for sale but you can go the the whites detector web side and find one for under $150.
I heard MOM I’M getting a Whites metal detector.
Well for me that 1964 dime was one of the best coins because it change a young mans life.
It happen to me .if you post this young man’s coin it would make his day .
sorry for the bad light my flash was off and the kid took his coin with him.
I hope to see him when he gets his new detector.

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