Product Updates

06-01-17 — MX Sport Waterproof Headphones

Starting June 1st, 2017, all new MX Sports will ship with the Sport Waterproof Headphone at no extra charge. We will still include the 1/4″ adapter as well, so you have multiple audio options right out of the box.

This change was made due to customer feedback and our desire to provide users with more value and utility with this waterproof metal detector.

09-13-16 — MX Sport Production Status

We need to address a material defect occurring in some MX Sport metal detectors. This summer we received reports of faceplate-plastic cracks which can result in the detector leaking when fully submerged. When we heard about these failures, we immediately stopped production and began troubleshooting. After thorough testing of different solutions we are confident in the corrections we’ve made, and have resumed full-scale production of the MX Sport.

If you experience any cracking of the pod plastic, please call us at 1-888-666-6121 or e-mail (see below picture for help identifying). We will guide you through sending your detector for repair, at no charge to you. If you’re not experiencing problems, there’s no need to do anything. As always, rest assured that you’re fully covered by your two-year warranty should you have any problems with your White’s MX Sport.

We apologize for any inconvenience this has caused, but we owe it you, our valued customers, to do everything in our power to offer quality American-made metal detectors you can be proud to own. Thank you for your patience and help in making the MX Sport the very best detector it can be. We will use this page for future updates on this and any other White’s products.

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