8″ Coin Probe


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8″ steel shaft with brazed ball bearing tip. 4″ wire wrapped wood handle.

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  1. 5 out of 5

    This is a very handy tool for retrieving shallower coins while coin hunting. The rounded tip on the probe prevents damaging the coin. After carefully pin pointing the coin with your detector or pin pointer, insert the probe into the ground until you locate the coin by tapping it. If the coin is shallow, you can then just slide the probe under the coin and pop it out of the ground. If the coin is deeper, say, 3″ or so, a nice wide screw driver can be inserted under the coin after locating it with the probe, then popped out.

    Once you gain the knack for this, it’s faster than cutting a plug and the coin is out of the grounds an just a few seconds. The occasional coin on edge is a little trickier.

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