9.5″ Sport Search Coil


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This waterproof concentric coil is tuned for MX Sport, with waterproof connector. A great all-around search coil for all types of hunting.

SKU: 801-3257-1


  • Frequency

    3-22.5 kHz


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  1. 5 out of 5

    Just as stated, in mild and moderate soils it is an excellent, deep, sensitive coil. It requires more overlapping sweeps than a dd coil but it is more sensitive to coins on their side and also jewelry that is odd shaped. be sure to use it on found coin spills, as it locates extra coins deeper than a dd, especially in boost mode on the mx7. Recently I used it for this purpose to uncover 5 Indian head pennies, a v nickel, a buffalo nickel, and 2 old wheats on an old creek bank, all in one spill. My other dd equip detector of another brand only picked up the strongest five signals leaving the other four…good to have this concentric to re-scan!

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