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Packed with advanced features and class-leading performance, the MX7 is a lightweight, rugged metal detector built for demanding hobbyists looking to step up to the big-leagues without the sticker shock. At only 3.5 lbs, the MX7 delivers exceptional depth, recovery speed, and ergonomics at an unheard-of price.

For the “beep and dig” types, get started with six preset programs (Coin and Jewelry, All-Metal, Beach, Prospecting, Relic, and High Trash) and easy-to-access threshold, gain, ground, and pinpoint modes. Pressing the Options button accesses more controls, with user-adjustable Volume, Threshold, Depth Units, Backlight Level, Frequency Shift, Salt Track, Program, Self-Adjusting Threshold, Iron Grunt, VCO, Reject Volume, and Discrimination Mask.

The included 9.5″ Concentric coil makes pinpointing targets easy, and offers incredible depth in mild to moderate soils (optional accessory coils include all Sport coils). Due to its 14kHz operating frequency, the MX7 excels at locating smaller targets, such as hammered silver coins and small gold earrings.

The MX7 features a robust transmit circuit compared to other models in its price range, and is capable of extreme depths on coin-sized objects. As a relic-recovery device the included Reject Volume can easily identify iron patches as well as help unmask very deep or hidden targets in stubborn sites.

A high-powered onboard speaker, rear-mounted 1/4″ headphone jack, and large, backlit display complete the design, complimented by the high-visibility black and orange color scheme.

IP 54 rated – dust and water-resistant.

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MX7 User Manual

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SKU: 800-0350


  • Audio Output

    Speaker & 1/4″ Headphone

  • Audio Modulation


  • Backlit Display


  • Batteries

    8 “AA”

  • Frequency

    14 kHz


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4.67 out of 5 based on 3 customer ratings
  1. 4 out of 5

    Ottimo metal detector leggero abbastanza veloce e preciso in spiaggia va molto bene

    • We are very happy you enjoy the product!

      Happy Hunting

  2. 5 out of 5

    Can you get a rechargeable battery?

  3. 5 out of 5

    Excellent machine. Veeery sensitive, yet still stable around something such as a gutter or low to the ground metal basement window. No emi disturbance. No chatter. Discriminates very well. Broken signal on junk, nice round signal with the included Pro Star headphones on coins (headphones are also the best ive used, worth every penny of their asking price). Allows for a good slow coil swing. In fact it allows for more like a “scan” than a swing. Just hunted for 2 hours and still fresh as a daisy because I did not have to swing fast for deeper items like I do with other machines. Looking forward to taking this to some of my sites I hit with other detectors….because this one found stuff the others looked over. It loves nickels. Found nickels where other detectors gave a broken signal. A deep machine. Found one of said nickels at a shovelhead deep and then some more. Coin spills give a great signal with this machine where they can fool other detectors. I also found a steel penny from ww2 that the other detectors looked over. All this from the first time out. Very satisfied. If anyone out there is reading this review deciding to purchase, just go ahead and do it! Hopefully whites will continue to offer this model and people will have enough sense to get it in the field to give it the credit its due.

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